February 2018

Latest cortical algorithms able to learn multi-modalities such as labyrinths layout and words in a sentence

Other objectives:

 - Advance knowledge in the field of machine learning. 

 - Contribution to advanced academic research in this field in the Quebec city region

 - Development of commercial applications using machine learning algorithms.​

April 2016

Joining the offices of the UMRsu in Quebec city techno-park. Round of financing. A few million dollars reached with the help of the Mitacs & Prompt programs.


Machine Learning Research (AI)

"E" Machine Learning Inc

September 2016

7 new students-researchers join the group

​​​Goal: To develop a learning system with more capacity than the human brain. 

April 2017

Two new students-researchers join the group 


To build a learning system with more capabilities than humans. It is not to build an artificial human, but to identify and develop learning algorithms similar to the human neocortex. The human brain has three overlapping areas: the reptilian brain responsible for human body management, the limbic brain, responsible for emotions and other value based judgements, and the neocortex. There will be no tentative to reproduce the first two layers. The neocortex is the main focus because it is where the human language resides, it is where the eye vision is processed, the auditory, the motor control. The neocortex is also what differentiate humans from animals when looking at brains in general. Other animals have intelligence, but the differentiating element between humans and other animals is this large neocortex. Machine Learning algorithm is the main area of research. It is also sometimes called AI research (artificial intelligence).